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Wynonna Earp, “Purgatory”, Review!

Jondee here at Purgatory,


The series airs Fridays on Sy Fy based on the comic created by Beau Smith. A bus moving through the night, Wynonna (Melanie Scrofano) in leather jacket buckles after using the bus’ restroom. She tells a passenger, Kiersten (Sarah Troyer), that she is returning for her uncle’s funeral. The bus passes a sign, “Now Entering Wyatt Earp Country.” Wynonna flashes back when she was a kid along with her sister and her father is protecting with a gun, something is breaking into their house. The bus gets a flat. Kiersten leaves the bus because the bathroom is occupied. The bus driver checks on what caused the flat. Wynonna awakens, something is out there. A growling, Kiersten is dragged away, Wynonna wants to help her, the others want to leave. Wynonna sees the body of Kristen, she is dragged and thrown into a tree! A mist reveals a figure, Wynonna falls and then jumps into action skewering the creature. She gets a text, “Happy birthday” from her sister and enters the town of Purgatory. Day, Wyonna tries to report the attack on Kristen to the police. She walks up to the funeral service and sees her aunt, Gus. She walks into the house, she has left Greece to return back home.


The Purgatory police are checking on the body of Kiersten with Deputy Agent Dolls (Shamier Anderson) ahead of their investigation. Wynonna walks the town to Shorty’s Saloon. Shorty greets her. One of the saloon regulars, Carl (Michael Rolfe), throws some of the Wyatt Earp myths to his great, great grand daughter. She flirts with Champ while shooting pool. In his room, she takes off her jacket, trying to know what happened to her uncle. She throws him onto the bed and takes off his shirt, and takes out her knife. Wynonna rolls with Champ’s girlfriend firing her shotgun. It’s her sister, Waverly (Dominique Provost-Chalkley). A one eyed man pulls Carl’s tongue out for talking about the herb curse to Wynona. The sisters walk out, she hugs Wynonna, and knows that they have to find Wyatt Earp’s gun. She hears a gun click and holds her knife to Agent Dolls’ throat. He shows her necklace. Agent Dolls asks her questions and Wynonna realizes she’s 27. He explains that he is part of a cross border task force, Black Badge Division, looking after “unexplainable” activity. Wynonna takes a truck to the Earp ranch. Flashback, her father is talking about the gun and the revenants, her sister Willa is taken. She sees the badge and heads off to find the gun.


The one eyed man hiding under a tree calls that Wynonna will find it for them. She has driven back to her aunt’s place. Her aunt gives her some money so the sisters can both leave Purgatory. A rope tugs as Wynonna appears from a well. Agent Dolls is there. Wynonna changes her shirt, uh, nice. He offers Wynonna a place on his squad. She uncovers the gun. Wynonna shoots her father in flashback and Waverly screams. Target practice, she misses the sign and hits the post, not really an Earp. The well again, another person is down there. The sun is falling on Purgatory when Sheriff Neadley (Greg Lawson) confronts her, she gives him the finger. Wynonna returns to Champ’s room and sees something behind it, a chart of the Earps. Waverly shows her the research on the family. She sees Wyatt Earp’s gun on Wynonna’s right calf. Wynonna thinks her life turned out for the worse since she shot their father. She knocks down another drink at the bar. A cowboy figure asks about Wyatt Earp, this is Doc Holliday (Tim Rozon). He pulls the gun from the bar table. “Sometimes life chooses for us”, he tells her about Wyatt. Wynonna sees her aunt’s house is broken, Gus is dying, and Waverly was taken. A window has scrawled in blood, “Bring the Gun.”


A train blares through town. Agent Dolls says he’s sorry about Gus. He knows demons took her sister. Agent Dolls says she’s dead and gets a sock by Wynonna. Shorty gives Wynonna a motorcycle and she rides out to see Waverly in a noose, barely standing on a stool. Wynonna asks the revenant’s name, he says, Malcolm Revica, from Wyatt Earp’s day. There are two others in his gang. They killed her uncle to lure Wynonna back to Purgatory. She puts the gun on her motorcycle and walks away. She blows up the motorcycle and the gun flies. Wynonna catches her sister and kicks the revenant. She places the stool under Waverly. Wynonna shoots the rope (the pov is from the gun barrel), it hits the windmill and knocks the gun out of Malcolm’s hand! A demonic Malcolm says, “You are the heir!” Wyatt’s gun blazes and she shoots a bullet into his head that sends him into a fiery place. Carl walks up also demonic. Wynonna is out of bullets and Carl is shot. She picks up her sister when Agent Dolls drives up. At the ranch, Wynonna is staying to watch over Purgatory, Agent Dolls drives up. He offers her criminal charges or join them. Agent Dolls tosses her a Black Badge. The cowboy is spared and another wonders if it’s true he saved Wynonna. A biker gang celebrates. A tough gunslinger woman, incredible cinematography, great potential with this series.  Four Silver Bullets out of Five!