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Wynonna Earp, “The Blade”, Review!

Jondee here at the mirror,

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The conversation continues with Doc Holliday and Wynonna, he flashes back to when her great grandfather, Wyatt Earp (Ryan Northcott), telling them about the town of Purgatory while Doc was sick in bed with tuberculosis. Wyatt leaves Doc who tells him that he is dying. Back to the present, Doc shows his gunfighting kills firing behind his back to the side, flawlessly. He’s alive and not a Revenant. A woman begs for forgiveness from another woman. A voice. She puts a cloth over a mirror. The cloth is sucked in and a killer (Peter Strand Rumpel) emerges with a razor to kill the woman. Wynonna walks into the crime scene to see “Repent Sinners” written in blood on the mirror. Dolls is there with the police. Waverly goes over a photo of Father Robert Malick who used the same kind of morbid messages. Dolls leaves Waverly behind. Her sister also knew that Holliday is the real Doc Holliday. Dolls and Wynonna head to the trailer park. They are taken in covered by Bobo’s gang. He walks out of a bus and introduces himself. He gives permission to search for Father Malick. They find him in a tent. He shows them that he lost his legs and warns them. Wynonna sees an image of the killer in the car side mirror. Dolls checks on a lead. They go to talk to another woman, also not friendly with Wynonna, and talks about the confession of the victim.

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Doc tries to talk with Waverly. He goes up to a man looking for forgiveness to get a drink. The man goes to wash up and hears the voice in the bathroom mirror. He goes to the bathroom and the screws fall out. Wynonna tells Dolls that the victim, Megan, was tough on her so she cheating with Megan’s boyfriend sending her out driving. Doc goes to the men’s room, to see the body and also the face of the killer in the mirror, “Tick tock.” Then, Waverly stumbles in. Dolls goes in to talk to Doc, Henry, under custody. Dolls tells Wynonna that he is Doc Holliday. They go to the wife of the killed man. The duo realize that the Revenant is moving through mirrors. She wants forgiveness from Wynonna, they hear the Revenant, she shoots the mirror and he kills the wife in the mirrored tv. Wynonna explains to Dolls, “She’s gone and I’m next.” Dolls works out that they have to find the body of the killer. She has to go to the bar and beg for forgiveness including the guy she cheated on with his brother. Waverly gives records to Doc to find the killer. He identifies August Hamilton. Doc is released. Dolls brings out an Obsidian Mirror for a ritual. Dolls is possessed and Doc hits him with a taser. August disappears into the mirrors. Dolls is not breathing! Wynonna gives him cpr. She sees Dolls coughing up water. They head to a lake see August’s reflection. He emerges out of the lake, chained, Wynonna is frozen. She admits she hurts her sister the most because she is the Chosen One. She is forgiven and Wynonna has her gun to send him back. Wynonna drives Doc to the outskirts of town by a river. Wynonna shares a drink, Bubblegum Sake from Japan, with her sister. Doc makes a campfire, flashes back, to Wyatt confronting him. He knows that Doc made an infernal deal! Doc throws in his U.S. Marshal badge into the fire. Best episode! This show is able to explore the characters outside of the confines of its premise. Five Silver Bullets out of Five!