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Wynonna Earp, “Walking After Midnight”, Review!

Jondee here at the Black Badge Division,


Friday the 13th had a marathon of Nightmare on Elm Street films on Sy Fy, sandwiched between them was the next episode of Wynonna Earp. Night, a camp, Doc is tossing in his sleep until woken by a knife. Wynonna has her gun to the demon and sends him back. the barn, a woman, The Blacksmith (Rachel Ancheril) wakens in a chair around a circle. Constance, the Stone Witch, coughs to get her attention and the Blacksmith uses her power to bloody Constance’s eye. She takes a knife out and drops the Blacksmith. At the bar, Wynonna talks with her sister. Constance pulls the Blacksmith outside of the circle and burns her with the knife. Waverly is all dressed up in gold dress and sets up for a party when Doc enters asking about the skull left from Uncle Curtis. She offers him a place and he defies to sleep in the barn. Wynonna gets a call from Dolls. He hands over his phone and gun to agents. Waverly’s friends drop by, only two, the rest are afraid of the “murder house.” Wynonna sees Officer Haught who wasn’t invited to Waverly’s party. Waverly brings in Doc to the party. Officer Haught is going over some murder photos and Wynonna’s nose starts to bleed. Steph (Siobhan Williams) starts to unbutton when Waverly reminds her that she is engaged. Doc checks out a noise taking out his gun. The Blacksmith, bleeding, warns Doc that Constance is coming. She gives Doc some thread to bind Constance on the witching hour. He takes Waverly away.


Wynonna and Officer Haught go to the morgue and check on the body of Joyce Arbor who looks like Wynonna. They are surprised by the attendant, Doctor Reggie (Ryan Belleville) who tells them that the wounds were cauterized as they were made and the organs removed! An alarm and the women take out their guns. They return to see a card shoved in the mouth of the woman’s body, Wynonna’s nose begins to bleed again. Steph tries to leave and sees a delivery man. Waverly eyes the shotgun and axe. The clock chimes, it’s Witching Hour. Doc sees Constance and shoots down her bodyguard. The delivery man chokes Waverly. She stabs the man in the head with scissors. Dolls is confronted by Agent Lucado (Kate Drummond) who is going to reassign Dolls. The Stone Witch forms a triangle around her and begins casting a spell. Waverly explodes telling Steph the truth as the man with the scissor in his head walks and Doc shoots him outside of the door. Steph runs out and her neck is broken. Wynonna calls Dolls, but this is listened in by Lucado. She gets a call from Waverly. Waverly finds the other girl, Chrissy (Dana Hollenbach) hiding in a closet. Waverly walks out with the skull. Constance says that Wyatt Earp killed her “boys.” Wynonna shoots the knife out of Constance’s hand. Officer Haught talks with Steph. Dolls tells Lucado about a Revenant when she closes down his division. Doc finds some blood in the snow and collects it. The wound in his shoulder is the same as the gun shot he gave to Constance. A place car rolls by. He calls out, “Wynonna!” The separation of Dolls, Wynonna on her own, is matched by Waverly’s episode. Four Silver Bullets out of Five!