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Over two hours of bonus material includes a feature-length, making-of documentary and behind-the-scenes access to the cast and filmmakers who brought the epic scenes and characters to life Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, Lucasfilm and director J.J. Abrams’ riveting, inspiring conclusion of the seminal Skywalker saga, electrified audiences around the globe, earning more than […]

Han Solo: A Star Wars Story sp...

Jondee here at Carida, Ok, we are getting a clearer picture of the story from the casting. Alden Ehrenreich is 28 now playing Han Solo about the age I target Han to be in the film. We have Woody Harrelson, 56, as a mentor for Han Solo, I suspect he will be Montross Holdaack. Donald […]

Han Solo Film Speculations!

Jondee here on Corellia, The announcement of Donald Glover in the role of Lando Calrissian adding to the cast with Alden Ehrenreich as Han Solo in the Han Solo anthology film leads to some speculation. Han Solo is born on Corellia on 3, a year after Lando Calrissian was born on Socorro, and the year […]

Han Solo #2 Review!

Jondee here at the Cantina, Han Solo #2 features a cover by Lee Bermejo with Han leaning back with his blaster as two expired thugs are slumped around him. This continues the series with Marjorie Liu and Mark Brooks and throws you into a splash page of action. The Millennium Falcon is flying past ships […]

Han Solo #1 Review!

Jondee here at the Dragon Void, The big question of any Star Wars comic is how it furthers the story, in most cases, the recent comics stray and go off in their own corner. Not so with Han Solo #1. Writer Marjorie Liu currently has Monstress for Image, but has also written Astonishing X-Men and […]

What Happens in the Han Solo F...

Jondee here on Corellia, The Han Solo anthology film is set for release on May 25, 2018. It features a script by Lawrence Kasdan and his son, Jon Kasdan, which brought Kasdan back to the Star Wars franchise. He is going full circle with the Han Solo story. Phil Lord and Christopher Miller are set […]

Star Wars: The Force Awakens R...

Jedi Jondee here on Jakku, Star Wars: The Force Awakens is an emotional journey.  I think this ranks at the very top of Star Wars films simply because of this, not only Star Wars action, but an emotional dimension to the movie. There are parallels to A New Hope and Force Awakens; a young person lives […]