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Batman `66 Meets Wonder Woman ...

Jondee here at the Finlay Mansion, First, this is monumental, the meeting of Adam West’s Batman and Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman! Next, this makes me wonder what about a Superman `55 title? The middle of the Adventures of Superman show run. I could write it, first issue, Lex Luthor comes to Metropolis, Perry White assigns […]

Supergirl, “Welcome to Earth...

Jondee here at Air Force One, The last episode had Kara now as a reporter and the unconscious patient  suddenly wakening and choking Supergirl! He knocks down Supergirl as well as DEO soldiers. Alex has a rocket launcher, but the alien (Chris Wood) leaps off the building and escapes. History is made with the president […]

Wonder Woman UN Ambassador!

Jondee here at Themyiscra, Wonder Woman was named Honorary Ambassador for the Empowerment of Women and Girls by the UN. This tied to her 75th anniversary which is also today. Her first appearance was in All Star Comics #8 (1941), sharing her debut with the Justice Society of America, “Introducing Wonder Woman.” Sensation Comics #1 […]