Hey Geeks! Check out this amazing Geek Speak TV Live! booth line-up and panel for this year Stan Lee’s L.A.Comic Con Sat Oct 29th, 1PM in ROOM 303A! UPDATE: Join us at our booth #1614 all weekend long for trivia and free stuff!     Joining us Live! is WWE’s RVD,Rob Van Dam, From, In […]

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Live Action Mulan Movie!

Jondee here at the Southern Dynasty, The live action Disney film of Mulan is set for November 2, 2018. There was a previous live action Mulan that was focused more on the legendary Mulan from the Ballad of Mulan, Mulan: Rise of Warrior (2009), it was simply Mulan before. It stars Wei Zhao, whom I […]

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Shin Godzilla Review!

Jondee here at Tokyo, Shin Godzilla, Shin means “new” in Japanese (the film is subtitled), is the latest in the Toho Godzilla films with the last one, the wretched Godzilla: Final Wars (2004), putting to sleep Big G for twelve years. This is a limited screening, until Oct. 18, by Funimation. Now Godzilla has wakened […]

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Guillermo del Toro: At Home with Monsters Review!

Jondee here at the Bleak House,  The Angel of Death. The Guillermo del Toro exhibit, At Home with Monsters, is currently at LACMA and ends on November 27th. If you have any interest in any of del Toro’s films, you must immediately get in your car and drive down to LACMA. The exhibit is located […]

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We Review and Give Tips on Pokemon Go!

Do you have Poke Fever? Do you “Gotta Catch ‘Em All”? Check out our review of the game app that is taking the world by storm! How to get more candy, attract more pokemon, and more!

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Geek Speak TV Live: Daredevil

Join us as we review Netflix’s Daredevil! Also in this Episode: Geek sports Ash4Emmy #Ash4Emmy Weekend Boxoffice Emmy Awards SuperMansion   ASH4Emmy Pic:

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Geek Speak TV Live: Comic Book and Star Wars Day!

Join us live as we talk about Comic Book Day and May The 4th Be With You Un-Official Star Wars Holiday! In This Episode: Captain America Civil War Star Wars Holiday Free Comic Book Day El Capitan Theater Rogue One and more!

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Howard the Duck #8 Review!

Jondee here at Cleveland, Howard the Duck is an absurdity in Marvel’s stable of characters, created by Steve Gerber and Val Mayerik, eventually making it into a 1986 Howard the Duck film. We may also know him from Howard’s cameo at the end of Guardians of the Galaxy (2014).  It seems like comics creators are […]

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Hey Geeks! Check out this amazing Geek Speak TV Live! booth line-up and panel for this year Stan Lee’s L.A.Comic Con Sat Oct 29th, 1PM in ROOM 303A! UPDATE: Join us at our booth #1614 all weekend long for trivia and free stuff!     Joining us Live! is WWE’s RVD,Rob Van Dam, From, In […]


May the 4th Be With You Comic ...

May the 4th Be With you! Did you ever wonder what was going on with C3Po’s Red Arm in the Force Awakens? Or who the old guy was with the missing map segment to Luke’s whereabouts? Well, Marvel has released two comic books that begin to answer some of these questions! Check out our mini-review […]

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Vaping and Video Gaming: Star ...

Patrick and Patrick Ian Moore of Geek Speak TV and Comic Book Live are Vaping and Video Gaming to Star Wars Battlefront on the PS4. It’s Patrick Moore’s first time playing the game! They take on Walker Assault and Fighter Squadron Games Modes while sampling some of the best Cannabis Vape Pens on the Market […]


Star Wars: Issues

The characters from the Star Wars Universe have really gone through a lot…it’s not always medals and exploding Death Stars! Incest, jealously, confusion, and the Ghost of Obi-Wan Kenobi vent out their frustrations for our cameras! Cast of Characters: Han Solo…………….Patrick Ian Moore Princess Leia………Caitlin Kazepis Luke Skywalker….Matthew Solomon Wedge Antillies….Patrick Estrada Boba Fett…………..Patrick Ian […]


What is the Invasion!?

Jondee here at Durla, The Berlantiverse, Supergirl, Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow, are all crossing over in what is said to be based on Invasion!. Executive producer Marc Guggenheim had that the cross over will be “taking inspiration from a DC crossover from the late 1980s known as Invasion!, which featured an alien race […]


Supergirl, “Welcome to Earth...

Jondee here at Air Force One, The last episode had Kara now as a reporter and the unconscious patient  suddenly wakening and choking Supergirl! He knocks down Supergirl as well as DEO soldiers. Alex has a rocket launcher, but the alien (Chris Wood) leaps off the building and escapes. History is made with the president […]


Once Upon a Time, “Street Ra...

Jondee here at Agrabah, A hill, “Capital of Agrabah”, pan into the city, it’s a flashback. Guards bully some prisoners as Jafar tells about the no-thief policy while Aladdin takes money purses. Jafar transforms three prisoners into mice. Aladdin is stopped by a robed woman who wants to hire him. She reveals herself, it’s Princess […]


Star Wars: Rebels, “The Last...

Jedi Jondee here at Agamar, The Ghost emerges from hyperspace to descend to the planet Agamar with a crashed ship. Captain Rex has led them there because of the battle. Ezra finds the head of a battle droid. He is there with Kanan, Zeb, and Chopper. Rex finds proton bombs in the armory. A ray […]


Han Solo Film Speculations!

Jondee here on Corellia, The announcement of Donald Glover in the role of Lando Calrissian adding to the cast with Alden Ehrenreich as Han Solo in the Han Solo anthology film leads to some speculation. Han Solo is born on Corellia on 3, a year after Lando Calrissian was born on Socorro, and the year […]


Wonder Woman UN Ambassador!

Jondee here at Themyiscra, Wonder Woman was named Honorary Ambassador for the Empowerment of Women and Girls by the UN. This tied to her 75th anniversary which is also today. Her first appearance was in All Star Comics #8 (1941), sharing her debut with the Justice Society of America, “Introducing Wonder Woman.” Sensation Comics #1 […]


Supergirl, “The Last Childre...

Jondee here at Metropolis, A fire, Supergirl goes to take care of the fire while Superman spins around it, an alarm, they fly off as a sport car is stopped by Supergirl and the rear stopped by Superman. The gunmen fire on them and one tries to actually hit Superman and shatters all of his […]


Once Upon a Time, “Strange C...

Jondee here at Storybrooke High School, The episode title is the beginning of the novella by Robert Louis Stevenson.  Mr. Gold is examining a watch under a magnifying glass. He cuts off his hair and this impresses the Evil Queen. Hyde walks in and wants his cameo necklace. Gold has him on his knees choking […]


Re:tro Re:view: Harry Potter a...

Jondee here at Hogwarts, The Harry Potter films are being screened at IMAX theaters beginning with the Fantastic Beasts event on Oct. 13 into next week. There was a short intro of Fantastic Beasts with J.K. Rowling, this is the most exciting trailer for the film, also a short interview with the cast of Fantastic […]